Практичне заняття № 4. Тема:Покупки. Товари продовольчі та промислові.
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Практичне заняття № 4. Тема:Покупки. Товари продовольчі та промислові.

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There are some things we have to do every day. Shopping is one of them. Shopping is a part of our daily life. Some people hate it and find it boring. Others consider it very exciting and believe it’s a kind of entertainment. As for me, I'm not a great fan of shopping I understand that I have to deal with it whether I like it or not. When I need something in the way of clothes I go to the department store. There I can buy shoes, hats, knitted goods, household goods and so on. When I want to buy clothes I go to the Ready-Made Clothes departments. Boots and shoes are sold at the Shoe department or the Foot- wear department. To buy socks and stockings we go to the Hosiery department. We can buy buttons, ribbons, lace, tape, thread, needles, pins, handkerchiefs, zippers and such like at the Haberdashery department. To buy cardigans, jumpers, pullovers and knitted underwear we go to the Knitted Goods department. Ladies buy
face powder, lipstick, face cream, nail varnish, mascara, shades and such like at the Perfume department. People buy jewellery and gold watches at the jeweler’s. Books are sold at the bookseller's, flowers at the florist's. Newspapers and magazines are often sold at the news-stands or news stalls. If I want to buy some meat I go to the butcher's. At the grocer's flour, sugar, cereals, tea, coffee and other things can be bought. To buy some vegetables and fruit I go to the greengrocer's. Bread, buns, biscuits, cookies are sold at the baker's. If I want to buy some fish I go to the fishmonger's. To buy milk, butter, cheese, eggs we go to the dairy. I prefer to buy food in a supermarket. It is very convenient. I can take a trolley and pile everything I need there.

2. Виконання після текстових вправ

11. Where do ladies usually buy perfume?

1. In your opinion, is it boring to go shopping? 12. Have you ever bought jewellery? Do you know
Do you hate it? where it is sold?

2. Do you believe that shopping is a kind of en- 13. You often buy books, don't you? Where?
tertainment? 14. Where are newspapers and magazines usually

3. Do you know a person who is a great fan of sold?

shopping? Who is he (she)? 15. Where do you go if you want to buy some meat?

5. Do you agree that we have to deal with it 16. What can you buy at the grocer's?
whether we like it or not? 17. Where will you go if you need some vegetables

6. Where do you usually buy clothes? and fruit?

7. Where are boots and shoes sold? 18. Where are bread and cakes sold?

8. Where can we buy socks or stockings? 19. Where can you buy milk, butter, cheese and

9. Do you know where we can buy buttons, rib- eggs?

bons, lace, tape and so on? 20. Where do you prefer to buy food? Why?

10. Where can we buy cardigans, jumpers, pullo- 21. In your opinion, is it convenient to buy food in
vers and knitted underwear? a supermarket?

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